Creative Pet Saving Ideas!

We all know that pets can be a lot of work…and a lot of money to take care of. Here are some great tips to help you save money on your pet while still pampering them like you know you love to do!   1. Dog Cape An easy way to pamper your dog is by making him a dog bandana. Simply get a normal bandana and roll it up until it properly fits your dog. Not only will he be a little warmer during the winter months, he’ll also be the coolest looking dog on the block.

2. Cat Bed

So you want to provide your cat with a nice bed to sleep in, but you don’t want to spend a fortune..we’ve got you. All you need is two rugs, some rivets, ropes, and a screw to make this dream castle a reality.

3. Guinea Pig Sweaters

Is this completely unnecessary? Yes. Is this completely awesome? Yes! Show your guinea pig you really care with a custom made guinea pig sweater. And for those of you who don’t know how to knit, a wool sock with some well placed holes will also do the trick.

4. Absolut Fish Tank

Now here’s a project that you will have as much fun gathering the materials for as you will putting it to use. What better way to show off your slippery friend than in a home made Absolut Fish Tank. And if you want to get really creative, then try matching your bottle choice with a fish from that region.

5. Rabbit Toy

In general, rabbits like anything that’s light enough for them to pick up and toss around a bit. You can usually make these toys out of many household items. Here’s one idea for a rabbit toy that you can make out of a empty toilet paper roll.

And on top of everything, don’t forget to pamper your pet with love, and they’ll surely return the favor.

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Football Season DIY Healthy Snack ‘Buffalo Wings’

For those of you who saw our last post and just couldn’t resist not making the ‘Buffalo Wings’, we know what you’re talking about. For all those who didn’t get a chance to make them, well let me tell you, they’re delicious! We made them last night and they came out great. Here are some pics from our cooking session.

1. Gathering Ingredients

You’ll need 2-3 Lb boneless/skinless chicken breast, 1/2-1 cup chicken broth, and 1/2-1 cup Frank’s Red Hot sauce.

2. Preperation

Cut the chicken into 1″ strips.

Mix 1/2 cup chicken broth with 1/2 cup hot sauce. Add more hot sauce if you like it spicy!

3. Cooking

Get a nonstick pan and spray with cooking spray. Cook the chicken until browned and cooked all the way through.

Pour the hot sauce in the pan, lower the heat, and put a lid on it. Allow to simmer for about 15 min. After 15 min open it up and give some time for the water to evaporate and the sauce to solidify a little.

4. Serving

Serve with blue cheese and celery sticks.


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Staying Healthy This Football Season!

For many college and NFL football fans across the US, end of summer/early fall signals the beginning of a decrease in productivity. Monday and Thursday nights, and all day Sunday are reserved for NFL games, while Saturday is when college games will be watched. In contrast, what will most likely increase, are the inches on everyone’s waist as they pound back the brews and wolf down the cheeseburgers and buffalo wings while they cheer on their favorite teams. In order to save you from yourself this football season, here are a few ways to stay health conscious while still enjoying the game you grew up with:

1. Low Fat Buffalo Wings

For many, buffalo wings are a staple food to munch on while watching two sides battle it out on the football field. Unfortunately though, the traditional recipe calls for deep fried wings, and a sauce that should come with a disclaimer for heart attacks. Thanks to this recipe though, we can now enjoy that buffalo wing taste, without risking a clogged artery.

2. Game Day Dip

Another game day classic that tends to pack on the pounds for some is that game day dip. You know what I’m talking about..that extra meaty, cheesy, sour creamy dip with bacon bits on top. So here’s a recipe for a game day dip that your guests won’t be forced to remember every time they look at themselves in the mirror. Some of the highlights include, plenty of beans, veggies, and low fat cram cheese..

3. Nutritious Pizza

Although tempted, never order out your game day pizza if you’re serious about cutting calories. There are many pizzas that can easily be made at home that contain a fraction of the calories. One of my favorites, the Green pizza, uses brocoli and arugula bits to make a pizza that’s both delicious and nutritious.

4. Potato Chip Alternatives

Generating an annual revenue of 7 billion dollars a year, the potato chip is undoubtably one of America’s favorite snack foods. Unfortunately though, this snack is loaded with salt and unwanted calories. When in search of a healthier alternative, prepare to get creative. You can make healthy ‘potato chips’ out of many different things, taro, sweet potatoes, kale, etc. One of my favorites is apple chips.

5. Drink Wisely

Even without chowing down during game time, it’s still possible to grow that gut with unhealthy drink choices. Should you decide to drink beer during the game, be advised that a light beer is a good choice when you’re watching your waist. Also, as a general rule, be sure to steer clear of dark beers. Just one bottle of Blue Moon or Sam Adams IPA and you’re 170+ calories down.

Now put these tips to good use this upcoming football season while you cheer your team to victory!

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Back to College Saving Ideas!

Back to College is a time of both joy and sadness. Parents, sad to see their children leave, young adults, eager to start their college adventure. The last moments they have together usually involves checking students into their dorms and decking their rooms out so that it feels less like a sketchy hostel and more like a home. For many, this process will involve a few trips to various retailers, and a big chance that your new ‘home’ looks ends up looking a lot like your neighbor’s. But for those who don’t want to settle for ordinary, here’s a few tips to help you really customize your college dorm room.

1. Picture Collage

A picture collage, if done correctly, can be a nice way to decorate your room, and remind yourself of the loved ones you left behind while pursuing a higher education. If not done correctly, it can be an obnoxious eyesore that takes up your whole wall and makes your roommate hate you from day 1. So do it the smart we, keep it small and leave some blank space for friends you make in college, and you’re sure to have an awesome room decoration.

2. Thank you The College Juice for this great idea. Is it a book, is it a charger…it’s a book charger! We all know you’re really just playing on your iPhone while in class anyways, so might as well turn your books into an iPhone charger.

3. Customized Laundry Bag

At home, laundry bags are usually pretty lame and hidden away in your closet. At college though, a small dorm room could force you to push these laundry bags out into the light. Should that be the case, you want to have a laundry bag that makes a statement. Try decorating your laundry bag using patches, dyes, and paints to give it that uniquely you stamp.

4. Toilet paper roll art

Now expect the first week of school to see at least 20 rooms with the same poster from this summer’s blockbuster movie, another 20 to have reprints of Andy Warhol paintings, and another 100 to have blown up album covers as decoration. Don’t fall into the wall decoration norm here and instead make something yourself. Here’s an idea from what someone made out of toilet paper rolls. But really, be creative and know that the sky is the limit.

5. Earring Rack

Now assuming that you don’t need a safe to lock up your jewelry yet, here’s a great idea that doubles as a decorative piece for your room. But watch you, your friends might become find of borrowing your earrings 😉

Happy decorating!

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Back to School Shopping Ideas!

Back to school shopping can simultaneously be one of the most fun and stressful times of the year. Scouring through circulars, battling your way through stores, beating out other shoppers to be the first to grab the best deals while they’re still around. Piggy decided to go to Office Depot early this morning to see what he could save on, and boy did he save! Here are some of Piggy’s favorite deals.

1. Pennies for supplies!

What a deal, what a deal! Office Depot decided to offer some of those back to school staples for just pennies on the dollar. Loose leaf paper, erasers, and book covers for just 25¢! Glue for just 1¢! Needless to say, he picked up a few of these items.

2. 5 Star School Supplies

Next Piggy decided to go with some sturdy 5 Star products. They’re built to handle a beating in the backpack, while keeping your homework nice and secure. They also look really sharp.

3. Making School Fun

School shouldn’t be all about killing your hands and pushing lead, and that’s where these products come into play. Piggy found some awesome highlighters that are sure to brighten up any set of notes.

He also found some Crayola products at prices that won’t make think twice about not hanging this one up on the wall.

And a binder that’s guaranteed to brighten up even the most dull history lesson.

4. Math Class

Don’t let all these fun product fool you though. When it comes to getting down to business, Piggy sure does know his way around a Texas Instrument calculator. He likes to keep a TI-34 handy for calculations on the fly, and of course a TI-89 at home for when some serious derivatives need graphing.

5. And a bag to hold it all

With all these back to school products purchased, the question arises of where to hold it all. Office depot hooked it up with some great deals on backpacks. Now this is one happy piggy.

Now that all of the back to school shopping is done, it’s time to sit back and relax until Piggy becomes the cool freshmen on campus!

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Inspired by The Summer Olympics!

There’s no doubt that the athletes that compete in the 2012 Olympic games inspire feelings of pride for one’s country. They are skilled beyond belief at their respective sports and they are shining examples of what hard work and determination can accomplish. But most of all they remind us what an average person can accomplish should they too put in the time and effort.

Now the majority of us aren’t going to drop everything and start training for the 2016 Olympic games. But for those feeling a bit inspired to get in shape, here are some work out tips that you can do without having to sign up for an expensive gym membership.

1. Work Out Gear

The first and maybe not so obvious tip is to buy yourself some work out gear. The proper work out gear can be the difference between just running around and actually pushing yourself to a point where you improve. We took a trip to Dick’s sporting goods today to check out some of their sale items and here is what we found.

First things first, not only is it uncomfortable to work out on an injured knee, but it can have lasting effects on the way you walk. If you feel any aches or pains before you start to work out, take precaution and wear a brace.

Get the right work out clothes. A good set of work out clothes not only makes you look and feel better while working out, but they can also inspire you to follow through with your work out plans.

If you decide to start playing a sport to get in shape (a good idea if you usually have trouble enjoying a workout), then you’ll want to equip yourself with the proper sports gear. Now we’re not saying that you need to choose soccer as your sport…but it is a great sport that can make running for 45 min straight a lot of fun; and they have some pretty cool looking cleats :).

2. The Workouts

There are many workouts you can do that don’t require a gym and all that fancy equipment. For most people, all you need is your own body weight to start your journey to a more fit you.

You’ve all heard that saying, “You have to walk before you can run.” Well, there’s some truth to it after all. A good way to start getting back into working out is by going for regular walks. When you’re ready, you can pick up the pace and eventually start jogging.

For those of you who want to take advantage of their time outdoors and see a bit more of the scenery than walking will allow, biking is a great alternative. Not only is it a great form of transportation, it also provides for less impact than walking or running and can be a great option for those with knee injuries.

For all of those who want to do a little more than cardio, there are many ways you can work out without weights and see results. Some of the basic and classics include push-ups, sit-ups, leg lifts, squats, wall sits, and the front plank. All you need to do these is an open space and some motivation.

3. Workout Fuel

The last and most important tip to having a solid workout, is to keep hydrated!

While shopping at Dick’s today, we came across an awesome sale that Gatorade is having to promote their G Series. Gatorade, or a similar sports drink, is definitely recommended during your workouts. Sports drinks work better than water because they provide you with the electrolytes that you need to keep yourself in the game.

Follow these tips and you can begin your journey to a more fit you. Who knows, maybe this will be the beginning of your run at being a future Olympic competitor. Until then, best of luck to all those competing in the 2012 Olympic games!

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Great Ideas For Lazy Summer Days!

It’s the middle of summer and the sun is out! You’ve already been outdoors and enjoyed the tolerably hot days, wrestled you’re kids to and from camps, and had a family summer vacation. Now it’s time to slow down a little and enjoy a lazy summer day! Here are some tips to make the most out of it.

1. Hammock

The quintessential item that symbolizes a lazy summer day is the hammock. Hammocks are not only easy to make and set up, they’re also incredibly easy to take with you. So weather you’re lounging at home, or off in some remote area, don’t forget to set up your WILL NOT regret it!

2. A Refreshing Drink

Another must on a day like this is a cool summer drink. While most might grab for the lemonade, don’t be so fast in your selection. There’s plenty of drinks that will do that job..who knows, you might find a new favorite.

The “Best Lemonade Ever” Recipe

Pomegranate Daiquiri

Fresh Mint Margaritas

3. A great read

To accompany your hammock and drink, you’re going to need something to read. If you have a book already picked out, that’s fine, but if not then we suggest grabbing yourself an e-reader. From there, the options are endless!

Follow these three simple steps, and you’re guaranteed a great lazy summer day!

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