Shopping w/ The New iCircular!

Given the recent launch of the newly redesigned version of iCircular, we felt a little inspired to go SHOOOOPPPIIIIIIIIINGG! Here’s some pics from our shopping trip to Macy’s 🙂

We started out at home, planning out our trip. Macy’s was having a one day sale!

With iCircular, it was really easy to set up a shopping list so we could get everything we needed without forgetting anything at the store.

Finding our way to the store was really easy using the mapping feature.

We were able to easily find everything on our list.

And tell our friends about the deals we were getting.

All in all, it was a great shopping trip with iCircular.

Hope you enjoy shopping with iCircular as much as we do 🙂

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Brand New iCircular Is here!

We are pleased to announce that the brand new redesigned version of iCircular is here, and it is better than ever!  The design is much more intuitive and comes with a bunch of new features.  These are the things you should look out for:



Multi Platform Experience

If you’re browsing for deals at home or on the go, iCircular has you covered. iCircular uses HTML5 and is fully optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile viewing. And of course, it looks great on all platforms. Here are some screenshots:

Only Relevant Offers

iCircular uses geo-location services to automatically detect where you are. This means you only see stores that are in your area, and only the deals that are valid at those locations.

Customized Profile

With iCircular, you can create a customized profile that allows you to tailor your experience to what you want to see. Tag your preferred stores so that they’re easy to find and get email notifications from these stores so you know when products you want are on sale. You’ll be able to get what you’re looking for in your circulars, without having to sift through all the ‘junk ads’.

Create Shopping Lists

Shopping list are a great way to streamline your shopping trips and make sure you don’t forget anything. With iCircular, you’re able to easily add items to your shopping list while browsing the weekly ads. Once you’ve created a shopping list, access it from any device and continue to add to it as you please.


Share with friends

See a great deal you want to let your friends in on? Want to ask your friends if that phone you saw on sale is worth buying? iCircular makes this easy to do with Facebook, Twitter, and Email integration. Easily ‘like’ ads and send them to your friends so that you can get opinions on products from people who matter to you.


Check out your local newspaper app or go to to start saving today.

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Back to School Shopping Ideas!

Back to school shopping can simultaneously be one of the most fun and stressful times of the year. Scouring through circulars, battling your way through stores, beating out other shoppers to be the first to grab the best deals while they’re still around. Piggy decided to go to Office Depot early this morning to see what he could save on, and boy did he save! Here are some of Piggy’s favorite deals.

1. Pennies for supplies!

What a deal, what a deal! Office Depot decided to offer some of those back to school staples for just pennies on the dollar. Loose leaf paper, erasers, and book covers for just 25¢! Glue for just 1¢! Needless to say, he picked up a few of these items.

2. 5 Star School Supplies

Next Piggy decided to go with some sturdy 5 Star products. They’re built to handle a beating in the backpack, while keeping your homework nice and secure. They also look really sharp.

3. Making School Fun

School shouldn’t be all about killing your hands and pushing lead, and that’s where these products come into play. Piggy found some awesome highlighters that are sure to brighten up any set of notes.

He also found some Crayola products at prices that won’t make think twice about not hanging this one up on the wall.

And a binder that’s guaranteed to brighten up even the most dull history lesson.

4. Math Class

Don’t let all these fun product fool you though. When it comes to getting down to business, Piggy sure does know his way around a Texas Instrument calculator. He likes to keep a TI-34 handy for calculations on the fly, and of course a TI-89 at home for when some serious derivatives need graphing.

5. And a bag to hold it all

With all these back to school products purchased, the question arises of where to hold it all. Office depot hooked it up with some great deals on backpacks. Now this is one happy piggy.

Now that all of the back to school shopping is done, it’s time to sit back and relax until Piggy becomes the cool freshmen on campus!

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Father’s Day Shopping @ Macy’s

With Father’s Day around the corner, I decided to roll on over to Macy’s to find a gift for my dad. The store was packed with people doing the same thing, but that didn’t stop me from finding the perfect gift…

I started my search for the perfect gift by looking at cuff links, a classic Father’s Day gift.

Then I cruised around the store and checked out a few other items..

The Sperry sandals looked so comfortable!

The dress shirts looked really sharp

The ties were also nice…but i’m sure someone would be getting him a tie, I mean it is Father’s Day after all.

But after an hour of shopping I finally saw it, the perfect gift for my dad’s poor old trotters…

Happy Father’s Day everyone 🙂

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10 Creative Father’s Day Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for dad on father’s day isn’t always easy. Here are some ideas to help you make this father’s day a very special one.

1. A Wish Bank

Whether it’s a fishing trip, golf vacation, or guy’s weekend hunting in a lodge in the middle of nowhere, every dad has a dream getaway that he’s saving up for. Show your support for his cause with a wish bank! Get creative with this one though. One of my favorite piggy bank ideas is to chisel a hole in the top of a glass block; simple, cheap, and a great creative gift!

2. Seed Bombs

Have a dad with a bit of a greenthumb? Well these seed bombs are just the thing for him. Simply grab some seeds of his favorite plant (veggies are always fun to grow), add some water and newspaper and mash it into the shape you want. You can then toss these seed bombs in some soil and start your gardening project with dad.

3. Serving Platter

Ever run into the problem of a cheese platter and nobody has and idea what type of cheese they are actually eating?? I’m sure your dad has. Make your dad this chalk cheese platter by buying some chalkboard paint and painting over any type of serving platter. Dads will love it and it’s guaranteed to be a hit at the next dinner party.

4. Custom Cufflinks

This one might take a bit of metalworking skills, but it is guaranteed to impress dad and not break the bank. Choose something he loves for your design and watch the smile it brings him when he finds out that his cufflinks are one of a kind.

5. Dad’s Sauce

Spice up dad’s day with a freshly made, one of a kind ‘Dad’s Sauce’. And if you really want to go all out, how about a nice meal to compliment the sauce.

6. Wooden Sunglasses

Hook up dad this father’s day with some sweet shades. Give your dad something that will stand out from the norm and protect his eyes during this long summer ahead of us. He’ll love them and when his friends ask where he got them, he’ll be able to brag that they were custom made.

7. Branding Iron

Next time your dad grills, make sure he puts his stamp on it, literally! A branding iron is a great way for you dad to play with his food in a way that everyone can appreciate. Besides, what guy doesn’t love another toy for his grill??

8.  Dad’s Mixtape

A well thought out mixtape can become your dad’s favorite new playlist overnight. This one won’t cost you more than a few dollars, though you can be sure that dad will be thinking of you whenever he’s rocking out to his new mixtape.

9. Photo Album

A picture is worth a thousand words…a whole photo album though! Show your dad you love him with a photo album of all those special moments you’ve shared together.

10. Friend Dad on Facebook

It’s no secret that parents love to know everything about your life. One way they try to do this is by ‘stalking’ your Facebook. Friending your dad on Facebook is a quick and easy gift that will mean more to him than you think. Go crazy and put him in your profile pic.

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